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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

General FAQ

Q: How can I benefit from connecting to Tokopedia Seller API?

Tokopedia seller API will benefit sellers when you have multiple shops that you’re currently managing, or when you have your own interfaces. Your system can fetch any performance data that you need via our endpoints. 

Q: I have an API integration issue, how can I raise this?

You can get technical support through our service desk platform in here. We will respond to you in 3 days SLA In the case your issue needs development from our side, we will put that in our backlog and update you on the ETA and progress. 

Q: How do I access information about API updates?

To stay current with the latest updates to Tokopedia seller APIs, visit our news & update page. You can also subscribe to the API newsletter on the bottom of homepage to receive API updates through your email. 

Q: What kind of shops that can integrate to Tokopedia seller API?

Only Official Store and Power Merchant can connect to Tokopedia seller API services. For Official Store type, you can integrate directly through your system/app or subscribe third-party enabler services. However, Power Merchant type you can only connect via third-party enabler services.

Q: How can I connect and use Tokopedia Seller API?

First, you need to register your business on our developer website (, then, our internal team will assess your business based on company data that you have entered during registration. In this step, you’ll need to provide information such as company name, PIC name, PIC contact number, and business certificate (SIUP) Once passed, you need to create an app first and then you’ll get API credentials (App ID, client ID, and client secret). After that, partners can connect API using basic auth or oAuth 2.0 methods to get the API token and use all API endpoints provided. 

Q: What is Tokopedia Seller API?

Tokopedia Seller API is an integrated API platform, which currently provides over 50 API seller functionality endpoints that aims to help sellers to manage their shop easier, tailor to their needs from their own interfaces.

Developer Console FAQ

Q: What is Developer Console?

Developer Console is a dashboard for developers to manage their App including authentication management, shop management, API log history and other features. You can access the developer console using this link

Q: Can I create more than one application on the developer console?

Yes, but for one account you can only have a maximum 5 live apps. An app has only one App ID, Client ID and Client Secret each, but can manage multiple tokopedia shops.

Q: I already have API credentials, can I use the existing credentials on the developer console?

Yes, you can import your existing API credentials when you create a new application on the developer console. This is used for previous partners that have ever requested credentials directly from Tokopedia and are currently active, but doesn’t have a developer console account yet.

Technical FAQ

Q: How long is the access_token valid?

The access_token is valid for 2 days (2880 minutes). After 2 days, the client will have to generate a new access_token or else the API call will return an "unauthorized" error.

Q: Where do I get the API credentials (App ID, Client Id, and Client Secret)?

You can get the API credentials from developer console on authentication management page:[app_id]/auth-management

Q: Do I need to store the API credentials locally?

No. With this new feature you can get the API credentials anytime on the developer console, so you no longer have to keep the secret locally and regenerate if lost.

Q: How do I reset the API credentials?

On the developer console you can reset the API credentials. When you reset the credentials, note that only Client Secret gets regenerated, so you will have to use the new pair of keys to get the access_token.

Q: What happens to my access_token if the API credential is regenerated?

The access_token which was generated before resetting the credentials will continue to work for 2 days from the time it was generated. After resetting the credentials, any new call using the old credentials (except until the existing token expires) will send an error.

Q: I already have API credentials, why am I still getting an "unauthorized" error?
  • Please check that you have recent credentials from authentication management page on the developer console.
  • Credentials are assigned for the partner, which will be shared within all the users within the partner. Make sure someone else has not reset the keys.
  • After all of the above, if you still experience issues, please contact us via service desk.
Q: Why are the name, address, and phone number buyers empty?

Those data are included in the Personal Identify Information, to access those data you need to implement decryption process based on this guide: