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[Endpoint Update] Chat Endpoint

Publish Date: Sep 13, 2021

  • Add Initiate Chat Endpoint details here
  • Add List Message Chat Endpoint details here
  • Add List Reply Chat Endpoint details here

Other news & update

13 September 2021

[Endpoint Update] Create and Edit Product

  • Create and edit product payload must use ASCII characters
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13 September 2021

[Endpoint Update] Get All Product (Deprecated)

  • Remove Get All Product V2 (Deprecated) here
  • Remove Get All Active Products (Deprecated) here
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06 September 2021

[Endpoint Update] Update Stock Endpoint

  • Add parameter request_id at Endpoint Update Stock here
  • Add parameter warehouse_id at Endpoint Update Stock here
  • Changed Request ID HTTP status code at Endpoint Update Stock here
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