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[Endpoint Update] [News & Update] GetSingle Order Adjustment for Recommended Courier Info

Publish Date: Feb 02, 2023

Currently, on the GetSingleOrder Endpoint, there is a "recommended_courier_info" array showing the related courier information details.

There will be changes on the “milestone” record starting February 8, 2023.

Our current “milestone” value is "first_mile" or "last_mile" only, however,  these values will be replaced as such; “pickup_by” for "first_mile" and “delivered_by” for "last_mile".

Example of the payload below:

"recommended_courier_info": [


"name": "(3PL_name)",

"sequence": 1,

"milestone": "pickup_by"



"name": "(3PL_name)",

"sequence": 2,

"milestone": "delivered_by"


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