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Shop Management

Shop Management

Shop management provide the information about shops that are currently connected to the application. On shop management you can do several tasks such as:

  1. Add Shop
  2. Remove Shop

Add Shop

Adding new shop under your application need approval from shop owner. Here is the step how to add shop. There are several prerequisition that you need to fulfill before mapping the shop to your application.

  1. Shop status is Power Merchant and/or Official Store
  2. Shop have not connect to other application from another party. If they have connected to another party and the shop want to disconnect their shop, the shop owner can contact the previous third party that manage their shop or contact the Tokopedia Business Team.

First choose add shop button, then there will be an input where you can write the shop domain. You can input multiple shop domains separated by new line.

Add Shop

You can get shop domain from the tokopedia shop URL then copy the last part of the URL. for example if the shop URL is then you can input furupulu. If you have input the right shop domain but still got shop not found then it should be because of the prerequisition above is not fulfilled yet.

You can choose apply button if all the shop has been found and developer console will sent the approval email to the shop owner.

Waiting for Approval

You need to wait until the shop owner confirm to accept or reject from the confirmation email. The email will be shown as below:

Email Confirmation

You will get the notification either when the shop owner accept or reject.

When the shop confirm to accept then the shop will be shown in active shop tab in shop management.

Active Shop

Remove Shop

Remove the shop from application is quite simple you can choose the delete button when you hover the shop.

Delete Shop

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