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Webhook Settings

Webhook settings provides information about registered webhook that you submitted from webhook API. In webhook settings, you can do several tasks such as:

Webhook Settings

View webhook URL

Information regarding webhook URL that displayed in webhook settings is data from webhook API that seperated into 3 modules:

  1. Order Module View Order Module
  2. Product Module View Product Module
  3. Chat Module View Chat Module

Activate and Deactivate Webhook

To activate webhook, you just need to tick at the webhook checkbox that wanted to be activated.

Check Webhook

Alternatively you can check at "Receive All Push" to activate all webhooks at once.

Activate All Webhook

Edit Webhook URL

To edit webhook URL, you need to activate webhook that you want to edit and then you can type new webhook URL in available field.

Example Webhook

Select Webhook

Edit Webhook URL

  • View webhook URL
  • Activate and Deactivate Webhook
  • Edit Webhook URL
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