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IP Whitelist

Seller API will apply IP whitelist for every request to our domain



One of our most important concern is to protect data from unwanted parties. To ensure security system is safe we need to implement IP whitelist for every partner that connect to our service. IP Whitelist is an approved list of IP address that have permission to access our domain.


To implement IP whitelist we need you to submit IP addresses that are being connected to Seller API. If you use dynamic IP to connect to our service please consider to define your static IP. Regarding the IP whitelist, we need your help to take these two actions:

  • Submit from API using this endpoint here
  • Complete the survey here

To check if the IP have been submitted you can use this endpoint here. Please submit your IP and form before Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021. The IPs you have submit will immediately take effect. You can submit your IP from Developer Console menu.

Getting Started

  1. IP Whitelist/Register IP
  2. IP Whitelist/Get IP Whitelisted

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